Top 2012 Single

Don't Say It

Released: May 3, 2011

Our biggest tune. The dubstep rocker L.A. club hit from 2011. First real attempt at dubstep that mixed melody, vocals and 'jack loop' arrangement techniques. Re-mastered, mixed and the 3rd chorus doubled this year. If you want a floor banger this is your tune.

August 2012 Single

Le Bon Tempes Roulez

Released: August 3, 2012

This was originally done with Steve Dix on 12.26.09 with Steve Dix doing the verse and me later doing the chorus and the production. First real attempt at drum and bass. First real tune in years in fact and the first tune to launch a lot of new tunes. This was re-mastered, mixed and the 3rd chorus doubled this year other than that this is basically the original tune.

May 2012 Single

And Then The Sun

Released: May 6, 2012

Done quickly and done in response to a new fever for Reggae. I tried to move on from it because it didn't have that 'big hit' feeling and hype that I like but their was not many other jams or the will to put a lot of energy into something from scratch so I went back to it and decided to stop trying to make it a great 'jack loop' song and just go with a basic arrangement which started to work as as the vocal came together. Good tune that holds up with other songs but definitely an 'album cut'.

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